Tai Ju 生草藥-胎菊

Tai Ju 生草藥-胎菊

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  • Disperses Wind and clears HeatCalms the Liver and clears the eyes
  • Calms Liver Yang and extinguishes Wind


  • Wind-Heat from a common Cold or Warm pathogen disease
  • Dry, swollen and/or painful eyes due to Wind-Heat in the Liver channel or Liver Yang Rising
  • Spots in front of the eyes, blurred vision or dizziness due to Kidney and Liver Yin Deficiencies
  • Liver and Kidney Yin Deficiencies with heatstroke
  • Liver Wind with dizziness, headache and deafness
  • Liver Yang Rising (Liver and Kidney Yin Deficiency)
  • Hypertension



  • 疏散風熱
  • 平肝明目
  • 清熱解毒


  • 風熱感冒,發熱頭痛
  • 目赤昏花
  • 眩暈驚風
  • 疔瘡腫毒