Terms of Sale

Please read these Terms and Conditions carefully; this forms a legally binding agreement between you and Ren De Inc. and contains important requirements regarding return policies, liability, warranties and indemnities.  By using the Ren De website (the “Website”), or by placing an order for any of the products or services available on the Website (collectively, the “Product”), you agree, without limitation or qualification, to be bound by these Terms and Conditions (this “Agreement”) and such other additional terms, conditions, rules and policies that are referred to here, each of which forms an integral part hereof and is hereby included by reference.

If you do not agree with the Terms of Sale, do not place an order on our Site.

Ren De Inc. reserves the right to update the Terms of Sale at any time without prior notice. Ren De Inc. recommends that you print and retain a copy of the Terms of Sale in force at the time of your order as it is your responsibility to review the changes (if any) from time to time.

In addition to the Terms of Use and the Terms of Sale, Ren De Inc. has established a privacy policy which governs its collection, use and disclosure of your personal information (the “Privacy Policy”). Please carefully review the Privacy Policy accessible on the Site. By using the Site and making purchases through said Site, you are consenting to the terms of the Privacy Policy.

Ren De Inc. is not responsible for any errors or oversights in Product descriptions or prices or any other typographical errors that may be present on the Website.  Please note that the products offered on the Site may differ from those offered in the Ren De Inc. store. We reserve the right to modify our product offering and discontinue items at any time without prior notice. Therefore, Ren De Inc. cannot guarantee that the products offered on the Site will be available at the time of your order or afterwards. 


You may only purchase products on the Site if you have a Canadian billing address and if your order is shipped to a Canadian address. You may only order products on the Site as a registered account member. If you decide to set up an account, you must hold a valid Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner certificate.

Once you confirm your order at the end of the online checkout process by pressing the “Checkout” button, said order establishes your offer to purchase the products included in your checkout cart. We reserve the right to limit the quantity of each product that you may purchase per order.

An acknowledgment email will be sent to the email address you have provided (your “Email Address”) once Ren De Inc. receives your order. Once your order is ready, Ren De Inc. will send a confirmation email to your Email Address, which shall also constitute Ren De Inc.’s acceptance of your order.

Additional information regarding your order may be requested and Ren De Inc. or Ren De Inc.’s payment solution provider may require verification. You have the responsibility to ensure that all information you provide us is accurate, complete and true, otherwise Ren De Inc. will not be able to process your order.

Ren De Inc. reserves the right, at its sole discretion and for any reasons, to accept or reject your order (in part or in its entirety) and may cancel your order (in part or in its entirety) after acceptance. In such cases, Ren De Inc. will notify you by sending an email to your Email Address. Some of the reasons to reject or cancel your order include, but are not limited to, (a) unavailability of products or limitations on available quantities; (b) unauthorized payment; (c) error, inaccuracy or omission regarding pricing, description of the products or information on the Site; and (d) concerns regarding the legality of the transaction (example: suspicion of fraud).

If your order is rejected or cancelled, Ren De Inc. will have no obligation to fulfill said order and you will have no obligation to pay for said order. Consequently, if you had already paid for your order, Ren De Inc. will reimburse you for any amount already charged through a credit on the same method of payment used during the online checkout process. Such reimbursement will represent your only resolution and Ren De Inc.’s only obligation and liability regarding the cancellation of your order or part thereof.


The price shown for each product does not include applicable taxes, shipping and handling costs, or other applicable fees which are calculated at the time of checkout and which are based on the province of delivery of your order and applicable law and regulations. All prices are in Canadian dollars. Ren De Inc. accepts credit card payment for your purchase and such payment is processed through Ren De Inc.’s payment solution provider. Ren De Inc. may accept new methods of payment or stop accepting certain methods of payment or credit cards from certain issuers from time to time, without notice. Ren De Inc. may offer, from time to time, discounts and promotion codes to their customers. Ren De Inc. reserves the right to modify these promotional offerings and discontinue promotional codes at any time without prior notice. Only one promotional code may be applied per purchase and the code cannot be changed after purchase is confirmed.

You validate that you own or you are authorized to use your selected credit card and that all of the billing information you provide is truthful and accurate. Once you confirm your order at the end of the online checkout process, you agree to be charged on your selected credit card for the total price indicated. Upon checkout, we will seek a pre-authorization on your credit card. Please note that the purchase price will only be charged upon the shipment of your order and you will only be billed for the products that are shipped.  

All payments are subject to validation checks and authorization by the card issuer. If your card issuer does not authorize your purchase, Ren De Inc. will not have any liability or obligation to you with respect to said order and Ren De Inc. will not ship your order. 


Ren De Inc. delivers only to addresses in Canada. We currently do not deliver to international addresses and a few limited geographic areas within Canada and such delivery areas are subject to change from time to time without notice. Depending on your location, we may offer you different shipping methods, including but not limited to, delivery to a third party’s service points. Shipping charges are subject to change from time to time and vary according to the purchase amount of the order, the selected shipping method and the delivery address. We may send your order in more than one shipment, at no additional cost to you. Please note that we do not offer store pick-up.

Your order will be delivered by a third party carrier selected by Ren De Inc. to a third party’s service point or to the address you have provided during the checkout process. You are responsible to ensure that such delivery address is complete and accurate. You will know the identity of the carrier upon receipt of your shipment confirmation and tracking number (if available). The delivery of your order is subject to the terms and conditions of the third party offering transportation services or pick up services, for example with respect to the number of delivery attempts and to the pickup locations, if applicable. You may also receive email notifications directly from such third party regarding your order delivery.

While you may receive an estimated delivery date from the carrier, Ren De Inc. shall not be liable for any damages or costs due to late deliveries. 


Ren De Inc. has a “no exchange, no return” policy. However, you may request an exchange or an online store credit, if, upon receipt, (a) the products are defective; (b) the products are damaged; or (c) you did not receive the products you had ordered. You must advise Ren De Inc. of any store credit or exchange request within thirty (30) days from shipment of your order by emailing info@rende.ca with a picture of the defective or damaged product(s), as well as a picture of the original packaging. In order to receive store credit, the products must be returned unused, in their original packaging and in the same conditions as received. A customer service representative will send you the other appropriate requirements and guidelines which may vary according to the type of products purchased. If your return meets all applicable conditions, your store credit will be credited on the online account used for your purchase. Please note that shipping and handling charges may or may not be refunded determined by a case-by-case basis.

No refunds will be provided.  Product may only be returned for exchange or credit with Ren De Inc., and only in accordance with the following provisions:

Exclusions.  There are no returns on clearance items.

Missing or Incorrect Product.  If there is an issue with your Order involving missing Product or incorrectly shipped Product, you must contact Ren De Inc.’ office at info@rende.ca within three days of your receipt of the shipment.  Incorrect Product must be returned to Ren De Inc. unused, undamaged, unmarked, in its original condition and in unopened packaging.  Ren De Inc. will have no obligation to accept returns for missing or incorrect product for which you do not provide notice within such three day period or if it is used, damaged, marked, opened or not in its original condition.

Incorrect contents of customer’s order. Customer have the choice to keep item after discussing potential benefits of item (item may be similar) with our customer service, otherwise if customer chooses to send item back for correct product, the item must meet all applicable conditions listed above. Ren De Inc. will ship correct item without any fees to customer.

Lost orders Ren De Inc. will do it’s best to track the lost package for you, and once package is deemed lost by shipment company, the customer will receive online credit of the amount of lost order including shipping fees.

Restricted Products.  Certain Product is identified on the Website as being restricted for sale only to qualified health practitioners (“Restricted Product”), and Ren De Inc. will require that you establish your status as a qualified health practitioner when you order a Restricted Product.  The use of any Restricted Product by anyone other than a qualified health practitioner is strictly prohibited and may be regulated by the laws of your jurisdiction.  By ordering Restricted Product, you represent and warrant to Ren De Inc. that you are a qualified health practitioner to whom the sale of such Restricted Product is permitted by the laws of your jurisdiction.  You accept full responsibility for the safe and proper use of Restricted Product, and you agree to hold Ren De Inc. harmless from any claims, losses, liabilities, damages (including legal costs) against Ren De Inc. by any person in any way connected with the ultimate use of the Restricted Product or your purchase of the Restricted Product. If customer receives any restricted medicine incorrectly, customer must send the item back we will pay for shipment fee, if customer refuses to send back, they must sign an ‘end use declaration’ for Health Canada to accept responsibility of restricted item.

Disposal of Items. Items purchased on the Site are considered to be for medical purposes and therefore should be disposed of as medical waste. Ren De Inc. holds no responsibility of improper waste disposal by customer.

Health Information.  Ren De Inc. may make available certain information related to, without limitation, medicine and other health related matters. The Health Information is provided for educational and informational purposes only and should not be interpreted as a recommendation for a specific treatment plan, product or course of action.  You agree that Health Information obtained on the Website will not replace consultations with qualified professionals and that you are not relying on said information. You agree that you assume all risks associated with the use of, or reliance on, any of the Health Information.