Mai Dong 生草藥-麥冬

Mai Dong 生草藥-麥冬

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  • 1Lb


  • Moistens the Lungs, nourishes Yin and stops coughing
  • Nourishes Stomach Yin and generates Fluids
  • Moistens the Intestines
  • Clears the Heart and eliminates irritability


  • Lung Yin Deficiency with a hacking, dry cough or a cough with thick, difficult to expectorate sputum, or hemoptysis Pathogenic Warm Dryness Dryness that has transformed into Fire
  • Stomach Yin Deficiency with dry mouth and tongue
  • Constipation, dry mouth and irritability as a result of febrile disease or Yin Deficiency
  • Ying Stage Heat with fever and irritability which is worse at night
  • Yin Deficiency with fever and irritability which is worse at night
  • 產品介紹


    • 養陰潤肺
    • 益胃生津
    • 清心除煩


    • 肺陰不足
    • 乾咳痰粘
    • 勞熱咳嗽
    • 胃陰虛
    • 熱傷胃陰
    • 口渴咽乾
    • 大便燥結
    • 心陰虛
    • 溫病熱邪擾
    • 心營,心煩不眠
    • 舌絳而乾