Organic Gou Qi Goji Berry 生草藥-有機枸杞

Organic Gou Qi Goji Berry 生草藥-有機枸杞

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  • Nourishes and tonifies Liver and Kidney Blood and YinBenefits Jing and
  • brightens the eyes
  • Nourishes Yin and
  • moistens the Lungs


  • Blood and Yin Deficiency with sore back and legs, low-grade abdominal pain, impotence, nocturnal emissions, wasting and thirsting disorder and consumption
  • Liver and Kidney Deficiency
  • Liver and Kidney Deficiency where Jing and Blood cannot nourish eyes with dizziness, blurred vision and diminished visual acuity
  • Consumptive cough and wasting and thirsting disorder



  • 補肝腎
  • 明目


  • 肝腎不足
  • 腰酸遺精
  • 頭暈目眩
  • 視力減退
  • 內障目昏
  • 消渴
  • 腎虛遺精
  • 肝腎陰虛
  • 視力模糊