E Jiao Da Zao 阿膠棗
E Jiao Da Zao 阿膠棗
E Jiao Da Zao 阿膠棗

E Jiao Da Zao 阿膠棗

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    【About Hongjitang】

    Shandong Hongjitang Pharmaceutical Group Co. Ltd was founded in 1907.

    The founder, Yue Jingyu, is the 12th generation descendant of Tongrentang Yue’s grandson.

    It is a nationally-known Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) company, ranking in the top 50 in China's TCM industry. Hongjitang has 151 registered TCM products, including ten proprietary products, giving it a strong competitive edge.

    It has successfully jumped from traditional production to the most modern manufacturing technology.