Dang Gui 生草藥-當歸

Dang Gui 生草藥-當歸

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Raw Herbs


  • 1 Lb


  • Tonifies the Blood and regulates the menses
  • Invigorates and harmonizes the Blood and disperses Cold (stops pain due to Blood Stasis)
  • Moistens the Intestines and unblocks the bowels
  • Reduces swelling, expels pus, generates flesh and alleviates pain
  • Stops coughing and treats dyspnea


    • Blood Deficiency, especially when affecting the Heart and Liver with pale, ashen complexion, lusterless nails, tinnitus, blurred vision and palpitations
    • Blood Deficiency associated irregular menstruation, amenorrhea and dysmenorrhea
    • Blood Stasis causing abdominal pain and carbuncles and pain due to Blood Stasis from traumatic injury, especially when accompanied by Deficiency Cold
      Postpartum menstruation
    • Pregnancy (use with caution)
      Blood Deficiency with chronic Wind-Damp-Bi
    • Dry Intestines due to Blood Deficiency
    • Sores and abscess (Chuang Yung), internally and topically
    • Used adjunctively for coughing



    • 補血
    • 活血
    • 調經
    • 止痛
    • 潤腸


    • 心肝血虛
    • 面色萎黃
    • 眩暈心悸
    • 血虛
    • 月經不調
    • 痛經
    • 經閉當
    • 血虛
    • 血滯而兼有寒凝
    • 跌打損傷
    • 風濕痹阻的疼痛證
    • 癰疽瘡瘍
    • 血虛腸燥便秘
    • 久咳氣喘
    • 慢性支氣管炎