Pu Gong Ying 生草藥-蒲公英

Pu Gong Ying 生草藥-蒲公英

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  • 1 Lb


  • Reduces abscesses and dissipates nodules
  • Clears the Liver and clears the eyes
  • Clears Heat, resolves Dampness and unblocks painful urinary dysfunction
  • Relieves Fire toxicity


  • Internal abscesses and external sores particularly if they are firm and hard, especially breast and intestinal abscess, Chuang Yung (internally and topically)
  • Eye redness and swelling (alone as a steam)
  • Liver Heat, cirrhosis
  • Damp-Heat painful urinary dysfunction
  • Damp-Heat jaundice
  • Fire toxicity , swollen, painful throat, upper respiratory tract infection
  • 產品介紹


    • 清熱解毒
    • 消癰散結
    • 利濕通淋


    • 癰腫疔毒
    • 乳癰內癰
    • 熱淋澀痛
    • 濕熱黃疸
    • 肝火上炎引起的目赤腫痛