San Fu Tie ☀ 2021 July and August

San Fu Tie (San Fu moxibustion,三伏天灸) practice dates back to Qing Dynasty. it is a topical prescription of traditional medicine. According to the traditional Chinese medicine theory "winter diseases cured in summer", topical drugs are patched on the back of patient in the initial Fu Day in Chinese lunar calendar (hottest days in summer); the herb permeates through the acupuncture points and achieves the effect of disease healing and prevention. San Fu Tian Jiu helps dredge meridian, promote blood circulation.

For the month of June, our moxa products will be at a 10% discount.


For the year of 2021 year of the Ox is July 11th ,21s, 31st as well August 10th. During this time, Canadian College of Traditional Chinese Medicine will host a serious of workshops, if you are interested to learn more about this treatment techniques, please contact 905-606-0062 or email to for more information.




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